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Lourdes Paredes

Lourdes Paredes has pursued spiritual practices since she was a young person, and yoga asana added a physical dimension that cultivated strength, grace, and increased health. She has a strong academic background, including an MA in Theology, and MS in Organizational Development, with graduate studies in Sociology and Pastoral Counseling. This equips her with many tools from which to draw upon to communicate and facilitate the transforming yoga process to her students. Lourdes assists her teacher, world-renowned yogini, Shiva Rea, at retreats, conferences, and teacher trainings around the country. Other teachers who have influenced her are Gary Kraftsow, Andrey Lappa, and Rod Stryker. Lourdes integrates the spiritual practice with the physical practice of yoga in such a way that living yoga makes sense and is authentic. She teaches a creative vinyasa flow practice which is inspirational and deep, and takes students to their appropriate edge, for physical and spiritual awakening. She transmits yoga to her students with the love and clarity with which she has received the teachings. For more information, please visit