A Warm-Hearted Neighborhood Yoga Studio

Due to Covid-19, and until further notice, we are offering a full schedule of ONLY Virtual classes. Be well and come join us for yoga from home : )

Located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, Namaskar Yoga is a friendly studio welcoming students of all levels.
Our classes and workshops build your body, calm your mind and help you live life more fully.

Newcomers are Welcome

3 Classes for $30
Since finding the right yoga studio is an important process, we encourage first-time students to take advantage of our special 3 Classes for $30. Come explore our classes, teachers and community. Simply create an account and either purchase your 3 Class Package online for three virtual classes.

Attend One of Our Workshops

We offer some wonderful workshops and special classes. Most run in the fall, winter and spring - summer usually slows down a bit but not always! Please take a look at our Workshops page for all the details of our upcoming offering. Enjoy!!

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When it’s Cubs Season…

A friendly heads up that driving and parking around this studio during Cubs games can be a bit challenging.
We suggest alternative means to getting to the studio, especially before and after game time.
Cubs Schedule